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About us

In the largest industrial zone Brno we provide rental of non-residential premises – offices, warehouses and outside areas. Renting commercial space is naturally complemented by comprehensive services and facilities. There are now 12 major rental buildings for light manufacturing, storage, administration, commerce and services. Furthermore, there are a paved area near the highway D1, a parking lot with a capacity of 720 parking spots, public gas station and a set of several smaller objects. Currently approximately 23,000 m² of offices, 16,000 m² of warehouses and 36,000 m² of outdoor space is rented.

The AREAL Slatina is very well located in a popular area of expanding industrial zone “Cernovicke terasy”, near the airport, EXIT 201 of highway D1, city public transport stops and railway station “Brno-Slatina”. The optimal position of the area for renting commercial space is evidenced by the fact that the public transport stop is only 25 meters away, the centre of Brno is 6 km away, airport is just 2 km away and Olympia Shopping Centre is 7 km away. The railway station and highway D1 are also very close to the area. Management, construction, reconstruction and alterations of the area are provided by a team of staff that is ready to solve the daily demands of tenants. For currently available premises in the area for rent, including inquiry form, see vacant premises.

The administration, construction, reconstruction and modification of the complex are provided by an experienced team, who is ready to solve all tenant’s demands. Let us show you our quality and come to see us!


Bistro Slatina – Restaurant in GREEN BUILDING

In April 2019 we opened the Bistro Slatina on the ground floor of the GREEN BUILDING, more information including the menu can be found at Furthermore, there is an outdoor stand next to the GREEN BUILDING, also under the guidance of Bistra Slatina, who prepares fresh grilled food.

PAUZZA – dining room in building “A”

In the building "A" there is the Pauzza, which offers good food at a good price. Information and menu can be found at


PS Fitness is located in building “A”, entrance from Tuřanka street. At more than 450m2 you will find modern equipment, friendly staff, the opportunity to visit indoor lessons (yoga, TRX, round training, healthy back). For more information, visit website

Carwash in the area

We have newly built a contactless self-service carwash in our premises. The carwash was designed for passenger cars. Self-service washing boxes are available for NON-STOP, do not require any additional service and the customer can easily get it all by himself.


In the building B (at the IKEA dispensary) is located a ATM of Komerční banka .

Public transport

There is a bus stop Slatina, line No. 73, E50, 75, E75, 77, 78, about 5 minutes from this stop there is a bus stop Řípská linka č.31 and 76. For detailed information see

Security service

Guarding of the area is ensured not only by a continuous security service, the area is also monitored by digital cameras with saving the record. The centre of the security service is located in the building A, at the entrance to the complex. There is also the central fire alarm and fire reporting office located in this centre. Newly constructed buildings are connected to the central security of Fire Rescue of Jihomoravsky region.

Parking spots including maintenance

The area Slatina has about 720 parking spots, which corresponds to one parking spot per 25 m2 of rented office space. Price of parking spots is included in the price of the rented space. It is planned to build new parking spots for each newly constructed object at a ratio of 1 parking spot per 20 m2 of rentable office space.

Property tax

Property tax is fully paid by the lessor – Company Areal Slatina, Plc

Outdoor furniture

To improve the quality of service and cleanliness, we equip the premises with outdoor furniture.

Review, inspection

All the equipment installed by the lessor that is subject to periodic reviews and inspections is monitored and reviewed at the expense of the lessor.

Area lighting including the maintenance

The whole area is illuminated at night with public lighting.


More than 80 outdoor and indoor cameras are being deployed on the premises, enhancing the security of the rented space and outdoor areas.

Outdoor signage

There is comprehensible information system installed in the area – board at the entrance, labelling of the buildings, building information system.

Maintenance of greenery

Our company is trying to provide the best possible environment for its tenants. To achieve this goal we ensure tree planting, establishment of new green spaces and their maintenance.

Meeting Room


History of the company

foundation of the company ERICH ROUČKA – manufacture of gray iron castings
after 1989
privatization of the company, the emergence of ROUČKA-SLATINA Plc. and subsidiary companies
production in economically unstable subsidiary companies was stopped
spin-off of AREAL SLATINA Plc., to rent, management and construction of buildings
movement of production to foundry Lutin
completed demolition of foundry operations
2001 – now
rental of premises in area for companies in the fields of engineering, construction, development and management of IT technology, trade and services

Basic information

183 946 m2
Built-up area:
27 677 m2
20 000 m2
30 000 m2
Factory buildings:
2 000 m2


has been engaged in renting for more than 20 years.

The company offers buildings and facilities for companies in the fields of engineering, construction, development and management of IT technology, commerce or services. Companies such as IKEA, SCHENKER, GIENGER, 2K, Flextronix, Schrack and others already belongs among our tenants.

There are 12 major rental buildings in the area available right now, suitable for light manufacturing, storage, administration, commerce or services. Furthermore, there is a paved area near the highway D1, parking lot with 1100 parking spaces, public gas station and a set of several smaller buildings. In total, there is already leased approximately 23,000 square meters of offices, 16,000 square meters of warehouses and 36,500 square meters of outdoor space.