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Rental of comercial premises

The best place for your business is just one in Brno. You can find it in Brno-Slatina, near the highway D1 and in the fastest expanding industrial zone of Brno.

Vacant premisesServices in the area

7 Reasons for energy efficient offices

600 parking spaces
Good prices of all services, renting and operating costs
Unique administrative area connected with the centre of services
Local investor with years of experience
Excellent access to D1 motorway, airport, downtown etc.
Healthy working environment created by draft-free air conditioning and construction design of the building
The first office building in Brno of class A energy performance

Discover the Areal from a bird’s eye view

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AREAL SLATINA in Brno assesses its first year of GREEN BUILDING

AREAL SLATINA, a.s.has been operating in the area of the largest. industrial zone in Brno, Černovická terasa, for more than 20 years.. In the past, they mainly leased B class office premises, warehouse. storage premises and outdoor areas…


Areál Slatina Technology Centre aspiring to be among largest office projects in Brno

A new Technology Centre project is going up next to the D1 motorway in the southeast part of Brno, which is a popular seat for development and engineering companies. In the near future 90,000 m2 of low- -energy class A offi ces will be