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Security service

Guarding of area is ensured not only by a continuous security service, the area is also monitored by digital cameras with saving the record. The centre of the security service is located in the building A, at the entrance to the complex. There is also the central fire alarm and fire reporting office located in this centre. Newly constructed buildings are connected to the central security of Fire Rescue of Jihomoravsky region.

Parking spots including maintenance

The area Slatina has about 720 parking spots, which corresponds to one parking spot per 25 m2 of rented office space. Price of parking spots is included in the price of the rented space. It is planned to build new parking spots for each newly constructed object at a ratio of 1 parking spot per 20 m2 of rentable office space.

Area lighting including the maintenance

The whole area is illuminated at night with public lighting.

Maintenance of greenery

Our company is trying to provide the best possible environment for its tenants. To achieve this goal we ensure tree planting, establishment of new green spaces and their maintenance.

Outdoor signage

There is comprehensible information system installed in the area - board at the entrance, labelling of the buildings, building information system.

Property tax

Property tax is fully paid by the lessor - Company Areal Slatina, Plc.

Energy supply - water, sewerage, gas, electricity, telephone, data

Areal Slatina Company provides full access to usual services and media. All the rented properties in area are connected to central cabling and measured for each building individually.

Review, inspection

All the equipment installed by the lessor that is subject to periodic reviews and inspections is monitored and reviewed at the expense of the lessor.

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