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Celkový pohled na Areal Slatina, a.s.

History of the company

1929 foundation of the company ERICH ROUČKA - manufacture of gray iron castings
after 1989 privatization of the company, the emergence of ROUČKA-SLATINA Plc. and subsidiary companies
1998 production in economically unstable subsidiary companies was stopped
2001 spin-off of AREAL SLATINA Plc., to rent, management and construction of buildings
2009 movement of production to foundry Lutin
2010 completed demolition of foundry operations
2001 - 2013 rental of premises in area for companies in the fields of engineering, construction, development and management of IT technology, trade and services

Company description

Founded: 1st January 2001
Registered capital: CZK 493 million
Main activities: rental of premises including provision of connected services
Area: 18.4 ha
Location: South-east of Brno, district Slatina - 6 km away from the city centre, 1 km away from the highway D1 EXIT 201, 1 km away from the railway station (Brno-Veseli n. Moravou), 2 km away from airport (Turany).
The area is served by three lines of city public transport.

The company's management

Board of Directors

Ing. Luděk Beneš - member of the Board

Basic information

Area: 183,946 m2
Built-up area: 27,677 m2
Warehouses: 18,235 m2
Offices: 11,717 m2
Factory buildings: 3,950 m2