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Energy efficient

Reconstruction of existing buildings is designed with focus on improving the quality of rented premises and also with regard to increasing the energy efficiency of buildings. It is the continuous construction work of our buildings that helps to achieve higher performance in terms of thermal insulation of the building, including replacement windows. Finally, there are energy savings achieved by gradual exchanging individual heating and cooling technology with higher efficiency and also by the right regulation of the systems. Regarding water management, we install faucets with water-saving flow and we prepare the whole area for maximum use of rainwater for both cooling technology, use for flushing, as well as for irrigation areal greenery. By using rainwater for irrigation of greenery in complex we will reach significantly more pleasant local climate. Benefit and saving of our clients is the low rate of electricity prices, which, thanks to industrial customers, we get for the leased premises. All objects in our area are provided with energy label, which is available at the registered office administration area.

Rental of commercial and non-residential premises in Brno
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In the largest industrial zone Brno we provide rental of non-residential premises - offices, warehouses and outside areas. Renting commercial space is naturally complemented by comprehensive services and facilities. There are now 12 major rental buildings for light manufacturing, storage, administration, commerce and services. Furthermore, there are a paved area near the highway D1, a parking lot with a capacity of 720 parking spots, public gas station and a set of several smaller objects. Currently approximately 13,000 m² of offices, 21,500 m² of warehouses and 26,500 m² of outdoor space is rented.

The area Slatina is very well located in a popular area of expanding industrial zone “Cernovicke terasy”, near the airport, EXIT 201 of highway D1, city public transport stops and railway station “Brno-Slatina”. The optimal position of the area for renting commercial space is evidenced by the fact that the public transport stop is only 25 meters away, the centre of Brno is 6 km away, airport is just 2 km away and Olympia Shopping Centre is 7 km away. The railway station and highway D1 are also very close to the area. Management, construction, reconstruction and alterations of the area are provided by a team of staff that is ready to solve the daily demands of tenants. For currently available premises in the area for rent, including inquiry form, see vacant premises.

Are you interested in rental of non-residential premises in Brno? Do not hesitate and contact us.